Greedy B is a food and drink enthusiast who lives on the sunny south coast in Hove. She could never claim to be a seasoned pro-cook or food critic, but her love of creative writing and all things culinary resulted in the birth of the Greedy Bitch Food Diaries in April 2016. Here’s some of her favourites, listed in no particular order…


Favourite 3 Cuisines (changing all the time)

  1. British (locally sourced, seasonal ingredients cooked simply, not ropey toad in the hole)
  2. French
  3. Japanese


Favourite 3 Drinks

  1. Espresso Martini
  2. Kir Royal
  3. Classic Margarita


Favourite 3 Food Programs

  1. Rick Stein’s French Odyssey
  2. James Martin: Home Comforts
  3. Great British Menu


Favourite 3 Celebrity Chefs

  1. Marcus Wareing
  2. Rick Steine
  3. James Martin


Favourite 3 Non-Culinary Things

  1. Travel
  2. Krav Maga
  3. Dogs