Prawn Pad Thai Unithai Hove

Cheap eats in Brighton and Hove

On a budget? There are plenty of cheap eats in Brighton & Hove offering delicious grub at an affordable price. So take a look below for the very best value restaurants, pubs, cafes, food stalls and vans in town.

Cheap places to eat in Brighton & Hove:

Eating on the cheap, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. You can dine at any of the below eateries for under £10 for a main course and a drink (with some way under that amount). Of course, you could always head to your local Weatherspoons and eat there for the same price…but you’d be missing out on these stunning local businesses.

Bear in mind that I’ve gone for the cheapest option in each of these, however in general I’ve only included places that offer a good range of cheap options. Eateries offering usually luxourious produce at a cheap price compared to the average are also highlighted – in case you want to enjoy the finer things in life on a budget.



22-23 Sydney St, Brighton, BN1 4EN

E-Kagen Japanese Brighton

Good for: Authentic Japanese food, Ramen, Sushi & Sashimi.

Situated above Yum Yum Oriental Market, you could easily walk past this Japanese eatery and not know it was there. But when you wander up some narrow stairs you will find a quirky venue with an open kitchen and extensive menu of cheap Japanese delights, including unusual options like sea urchin. This place offers fantastic value for money even if you like the finer things in life – a sashimi platter comprising of salmon, tuna, eel and squid ( this might vary) costs just £12. However, when I’m on a shoestring budget I always opt for one of E-Kagen’s delicious ramen dishes, with my favourite being the very inexpensive Shoyu Ramen. I’ve eaten many times here and can also highly recommend the Age Tofu starter, Gyoza Dumplings, Tempura Prawns and Vegetables and the Miso Ramen. They also have an extremely reasonable lunch menu, although I have yet to try it. It’s worth noting that this little gem is only open on Friday (lunch and dinner), Saturday (lunch and dinner) and Sunday (lunch only).


  • Shoyu Ramen: £8
  • Pork Katsu Curry: £9
  • Vegetable & Prawn Tempura: £9
  • Mixed Sashimi: £12

Cheapest main meal and drink: Shoyu Ramen + Jasmine Tea = £10

Shoyu Ramen E-Kagen


The Regency

131 King’s Rd, Brighton, BN1 2HH

The Regency restaurant Brighton

Good for: Fish & Chips, Seafood, Lobster

I’ve written before about my love of the Regency for it’s simple, no-frills approach to seafood. If you’re into all things fishy it’s also the perfect venue for a tasty meal on the cheap in informal, simplistic surroundings. Produce such as prawns and lobster are available at much cheaper prices than you’d find at other Brighton seafood establishments. Favourites of mine include the Grilled King Prawns in Garlic, Deep Fried Seafood Platter and Fried fillet of Plaice. All main meals are served with a choice of chips, new potatoes or salad, although I would highly recommend the chips every time. Also worth a mention, if you fancy a real treat, is the Extravaganza Shellfish Platter (hot) – this can easily be shared between two and includes a whole lobster thermidor, scallops, oysters parmiggano, king prawns, muscles and languistines for just £47.95.


  • Grilled King Prawns in Garlic: £11.95
  • Fried Cod/Haddock/Plaice/Calamari and chips: £8.20
  • Deep Fried Seafood Platter: £9.95
  • Seafood Risotto: £9.50
  • Extravaganza Shellfish Platter (hot): £47.95

Cheapest main meal and drink: Fried Cod/Haddock/Plaice/Calamari/Whitebait & chips + soft drink = £10.40

Shellfish Extravaganza Platter Hot The Regency



10 Church Rd, Hove, BN3 2FL

Good for: Thai, Takeaway, Lunch

This place is an absolute hidden gem. Located in the back of a specialty Thai foods shop on Church Road, this delightful little noodle bar offers delicious, cheap meals in fairly unique surroundings. The King Prawn Pad Thai is exceptionally tasty and at £7.65 extremely reasonable, given you’ll pay £10 and upwards for this in most of Brighton’s Thai restaurants. The prawns are large and there’s a decent amount of them – a big plus. My dining partner enjoys the bean curd masaman curry, which is extremely flavorsome without the overwhelming perfumed taste you sometimes get with masaman. And a complete steal at £8.50. However, there are even cheaper meals to be eaten here – Unithai does not currently have a website so I took some (quite ropey) photos of the menu.


  • Chicken Kao Rad Kaeng (Thai Red Curry): £7.25
  • Tom Kha Gai (chicken and mushroom coconut soup): £5.95
  • Kuay-tiew Nam Moo Sab (noodle soup): £7.65

Cheapest main meal and drink: Most dishes with a bean curd option will come out at £6.95 plus a Jasmine Tea (£1.20) = £8.15

Prawn Pad Thai Unithai Hove



Chippy Chips

16 Kingsway, Hove, BN3 2WB

Chippy Chips Hove

Good for: Takeaway, Fish & Chips.

Brighton and Hove are over-saturated with chippies, which sadly has resulted in a large number of very mediocre and bad value outlets, particularly along the seafront. Chippy Chips is not one of them – generous fillets of fresh fish coated in light, crispy batter awaits you should you choose this small, unpretentious chippy, which is slightly set back from the seafront near Hove’s King Alfred Leisure Centre. The chips are also consistently excellent, traditional fat chip shop ones with generous lashings of salt and vinegar (should you want it). Although their usual prices are extremely reasonable, visit Chippy Chips on a Tuesday or a Thursday and you can get a portion of fish and chips for just £4.50 – that’s a cheap eat when compared to other chippies in Brighton, where prices can frequently get up to £8 or £9 for the same. Rather than eat in the premises, which can get quite crowded and noisy with people coming and going, head to the beach to enjoy your bargain fish and chips by the sea.


  • Small Cod or Haddock: £3.70
  • Medium Cod or Haddock: £4.40
  • Large Cod or Haddock: £5.20

Cheapest main meal and drink: Tuesdays and Thursdays cod and chips + soft drink = £5.50

Chippy Chips Hove Cod


Si Signore

12 Sydney Street, North Laines, Brighton, BN1 4AN

Si Signore Restaurant Brighton

Good for: Pizza, pasta, BYOB

A restaurant in Brighton’s North Laines that is actually inexpensive? Si Signore offers reasonably-priced Italian food, which makes it the perfect place to head to with friends, family or for a nice lunch. Additionally, you can bring your own wine, which is definitely a plus if you are eating out on a budget. As well as being cheap, this little eatery offers very high-quality Italian food and you will be well looked after by the staff and the charming owner. I particularly enjoy the Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare, which is generous on the amount of seafood included and is served in a tasty homemade sauce. Their pizzas are also very good, but there’s also a range of meat, fish and salads dishes if carbs aren’t your thing.


  • Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare: £9.95
  • Lassagne Al Forno/Verdi: £7.95
  • Most pizzas: £.795

Cheapest main meal and drink: Margarita Pizza + BYOB = £6.95


Burger Off

52 Brunswick St W, Hove, BN3 1EL

Burger Off Brighton

Good for: Takeaway, burgers.

Hidden down a small street just into Hove, Burger Off has become somewhat infamous for it’s XXX Hot Chilli Burger, understood to be the very spiciest in the country. But if you don’t fancy hospitalising yourself, this outlet’s offering of mouth-watering yet cheap burgers are well worth a try. I love their double blue cheese burger, which has some dill pickle in it to cut through all that rich sumptuousness. Their extensive menu also contains some exciting flavours like Caribbean (with banana & peanut butter), and Black & Blue (black pudding, bacon and blue cheese). If you have an appetite this cheeky little place is perfect for you. Just have a look at these stacked creations (taken from Burger Off’s Facebook page):

Burger Off Brighton Hove

Their chips and onion rings are also very tasty and affordable. Plus, Burger Off’s close proximity to the seafront makes it an ideal place to grab some lunch to enjoy on the beach. That said, on a rainy day eating on-site would be perfectly pleasant too as Burger Off kitted out their dining area with new seating earlier on in the year.


  • Blue Cheese Burger: Single £3.70, Double £5.20.
  • Bacon Cheese Burger: Single £4.30, Double £5.80.
  • XXX Hot Chilli (you’ve been warned): Single £4.50, Double £6.00.

Cheapest main meal and drink: A plain single burger and chips is £4.20, but for something a bit more exciting (e.g. double cheeseburger) and chips/onion rings you’ll be looking at around £6.20.


Fato a Mano

65-67 Church Rd, Hove, BN3 2BD

Oh Fato’s! A Brighton institution, with one site on London Road and another on Church Road in Hove, Fato a Mano is a fantastic place to enjoy a tasty, fresh pizza. Both branches have received a fair bit of attention, with lots of write ups online, but in this case it really is deserved. All of their pizzas are made to order and cooked in a wood fired oven, below is a little video from them to whet your appetite.

Particularly tasty is their Rucola Prosciutto, a white pizza with rocket, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil. However, whether is a simple margarita or one of their extravagant calzones, satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed. Fato’s know what they’re good at, so they’ve made both of their outlets all about the pizza – although starters, sides and a couple of desserts are also available. They also offer gluten free and vegan options, so it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.


  • Margherita (tomato, basil, parmesan, mozzarella): £6.50
  • Napoletana (Tomato, garlic, anchovies, olives, capers, oregano, basil): £8.50
  • Calzone Vegetariano (Artichokes, olives, courgettes, peppers, smoked ricotta, mozzarella): £9.50

Cheapest main meal and drink: Marinara (Tomato, garlic, oregano, basil – £5.50) + soft drink (£2.20) = £7.70. Add another £1 if you go for the Margherita because cheese is life.


Noodles Soup

37 West St, Brighton, BN1 2RE

Noodles Soup Brighton

Good for: Noodle Soup, Takeaway, Quick Lunch.

Noodles Soup is one of the few eateries located on Brighton’s West Street that offers very good value for money. The menu is absolutely massive with lots of appetisers to choose from and every conceivable ingredient combination in noodle soup format. Inside is fairly small and you may have to share a table or bar counter with other diners. It’s cheap and fast, so it’s perfect for a quick inexpensive lunch, with a pal or solo. It’s also really convenient for the Odeon Cinema, Brighton Station and Churchill Square. Some of my favourite dishes I’ve tried here include the mixed seafood with Singapore Laska Noodles Soup, Roast Duck with Nissin Noodles Soup and Beef Tendon with Noodles Soup. You get a choice of egg noodles. rice noodles, Ho Fun noodles or Japanese Udon noodles in your soup. A big plus for me personally is that their seafood dishes include whole crab legs, which I highly enjoy picking at.


  • Mixed Seafood with Singapore Laska Noodles Soup: £7.95
  • Beef Tendon with Noodles Soup: £6.95
  • “One Bite Snack” Spring Rolls (appetiser): £3

Cheapest main meal and drink: There’s a huge range of noodle soups available at the lowest price of £6.95. This plus a soft drink you’re looking at around £9.

Mixed Seafood with Singapore Laksa noodles soup Brighton


Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar

The Fishing Quarter, 199 King’s Rd, Brighton, BN2 5WH

Brighton Shellfish and Oyster Bar

Good for: Oysters, Cockles, Seafood Rolls, Eating on the Beach, Lunch

Okay, maybe this one is a bit cheeky as it’s not a ‘restaurant’ per se, but it’s definitely worth a mention for those who enjoy the finer things in life. For at this unassuming little hut you can get half a dozen Carlingford Oysters for just £6.50. Most restaurant prices are easily double that, so this outlet provides a unique opportunity to enjoy oysters on the cheap. If you’re feeling really decadent you can opt for their finest Jersey Oysters, which will cost you £8.50 for six. Other offerings include fresh crab, crab mayo and prawns roll and a fresh filled lobster roll, topped with gherkin, mayonnaise, and cayenne pepper.


  • Carlingford Oysters: £1.20 each or six for £6.50
  • Finest Jersey Oysters: £1.50 each or six for £8.50
  • Fresh Filled Lobster Roll: £6.75
  • Crab Mayo & Prawn Roll: £3.75

Cheapest main meal and drink: It really depends on how hungry you are but you can easily feed and water a ravenous person here for under £10.


Have you found any cheap eats in Brighton & Hove? comment below!


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